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Oil Separator Grase Treap


RamdounPURE Oil Separator Grase Treap system

Application scope:
Widely used in hotel, restaurant, canteen ,food process factory etc animals ,plants oily wastewater treatment, also can apply to oil field , petrochemical, ship, gas station,  mechanical processing and coking etc contain mineral oil industrial sewage treatment, can match with other water treatment device.



The Full stainless steel high efficient no power grease trap is a environmental protection high newly product aiming at treating oily wastewater, our company produced the oil-water separator by adopting several item environment protection technology, scientific treatment process and unique design, according to proportion difference between water and oil, made the oily particles floating on the water surface after several time’s subcritical flow and the baffle’s collision. With characteristic of multilevel processing and separating unit, adopting the inclined board Oil separation technology and specific liquid level automatic control technology, no need any power and additive, which can separate the mix grease in oily wastewater automatically and centralize it to oil groove, discharge it out automatically, the oil content of the wastewater can reach national emission standard .

Operating principle:

Oily wastewater discharge into municipal drainage pipeline before treatment, will form "ditch oil", which will cause much influence to drainage equipment and municipal sewage treatment plant. Such equipment is make the oily wastewater in the action of gravity, with the help of oil water proportion difference, adopting nature flotation to separate and remove floating oil and parts of thin disperse oil, by unique devise the inner structure of oil-water separator without power, according to shallow pond sediment theory, apply different flow separation principle and turbulent variable laminar flow of the dialectical relationship, make the wastewater reduce flow rate, flow down, oil droplets floating when flow by grease trap. Practice prove, such product can make the removal rate of grain size above 60um floated oil above90%, the oily content of discharged sewage lower than the three level standard (100mg/L) of

sewage integration discharge standard