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Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower – Small Capacity

Cooling Towers are usedacross many industries.

The reason is that they offer

the most efficient method for cooling water.

Using nature’s own forces

to create the cooling effect cheap and effective.

At the same time the output

temperature of the cooling

water can be cooled down air temperature.


Nature´s own method.

- Cooling towers offer the

- cheapest and most efficient

- method for cooling water.

- In a cooling tower, water

- flows against an airflow with

- a large surface area.

- By the direct contact between

- water and air, a small amoun of water evaporates, thereby

- cooling the remainder of the

- water circulated.


Accessories for the Cooling Tower:

- Service platform

- Noise damping / low noise

- Inlet filters

- Water level control

- Tanks, reservoirs, valves

- Special fill, bacteria control

- Winter operation


Options in the Cooling Tower:

- pecific design and choice of color

- Erection team or supervisor

- Engineering assistance


The small capacity Cooling

- Tower is factory assembled and ready for operation.

- The design is optimized for easy installation and fit container for convinient

- The combination between steel and FRP offering lo maintenance, corrosion resistance, small investment

and operations cost.


Capacity of the tower

- The different tower models covers an area within heat effect, temperature range and water flow Is additional capacity or flexibility needed

- a wide range of options are possible

- building several towers together.

- the installation of the towers

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