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Sewage MBR Plant

RamdounPURE MBR Introduction:

We manufactory for full automatic RamdounPURE MBR Sewage Treatment plant with different capacity 5m/day to 100m3/h Membrane bio-reactor is a kind of new type sewage treatment technique which combine high efficient membrane separation technique and activated sludge manner, it inherits membrane separation technique and biochemical treatment technique feature and intensify biochemical treatment effect, it can used in high organic content municipal or industrial sewage treatment.


RamdounPURE MBR process description

MBR is a kind of new type sewage treatment technique which combine activated sludge manner and integrated immersed membrane separation system, this process can be widely used in municipal and industrial sewage treatment area, which contain water resource reuse,community development, park scenic water source reuse etc.

It is a new kind of sewage treatment technique, MBR has widely apply in all over the world sewage treatment plant.

Typical MBR system process can be described as following:

RamdounPURE Sewage enters into equalize tank pass by bar screen, used to equalize water quality and volume. The intercept impurity need clear up in regular. Next, the sewage in equalize tank will pump to MBR system, in MBR system realize micro-organism resolve reduction, which contain aerobic and anoxia reaction area, the can’t degrade impurity and activated sludge will intercept in the membrane tank, the membrane filtering output water will reach standard reuse or discharge.

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