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GAC Cartridge Filter

GAC Carbon Cartridge

Ramdoun HK International Group USA L.L.C produces high quality of granulaer activated cartbon , food grade with 100% testd before packing or delivery to customers, have dofrent size : 10" & 20" with 63mm and 110mm diameter 



- Chlorine, Taste and odor removal filter

- High quality coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon

- Available in 10" and 20" & Jumbo




RG-GAC Ф2.5”x10”

GAC Granular Carbon

RG-GAC Ф2.5”x20”

GAC/KDF Granular Carbon

RG-GAC Ф4.5”x10” Jumbo

                     GAC/KDF Granular Carbon

RG-GAC Ф4.5”x20” Jumbo

                      GAC/KDF Granular Carbon


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